Let’s face it, 6 monthly trips to the dentist, the occasional clean and fillings are not cheap. And things like crowns, bridges or wisdom teeth removal can cost an arm and a leg!

Why Get Dental Insurance?

Having dental insurance cover means that some of these significant costs can be reduced. Not to mention the peace of mind of knowing that you are covered.

The type of dental cover that you choose for your dental health insurance can mean the difference between hundreds of Rand’s per year in extra cost.

So it is really important that you compare dental insurance and check that you have got a suitable level of cover for your needs. You could be paying more for cover that you’re not using or missing out on a good return from the wrong level of cover.

 Types of Dental Insurance Cover




Includes full mouth examination, scale & polish, intra-oral radiographs, etc.

Includes additional benefits for root canals, emergency root canal and impaction work.

Includes additional benefits for crowns, temporary crowns, and gum surgery.

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