Debunking common dental myths

In every industry, there is the risk that people get fed false information, and dentistry is no exception. There are many myths about your dental health that you have probably heard, and may even believe! No, we aren’t talking about the tooth fairy (or bunny, depending on where you’re from). There are loads of fake […]

The dangers of metal fillings

Before the safety of modern-day dental fillings, people used to have metal fillings, which posed some serious health risks. Modern fillings are made from composite materials and are white and completely safe to use, but metal fillings are an amalgam, which means they are a combination of metals and usually contain over 50% mercury which, […]

Are cavities reversible?

Cavities are painful; sometimes, they are the product of bad dental hygiene and an indicator of someone with a sweet tooth! Dentists always warn patients about cavities. Toothpaste adverts are centred on preventing cavities. But, are these painful holes in the teeth reversible? It turns out; the answer is yes. They are. Well sort of. […]

Sleeping more comfortably with sleep apnoea

Sleep apnoea, which is characterised by loud snoring and shallow breaths during sleep, is a chronic condition that affects a large percentage of the population.   People who suffer from sleep apnoea usually have secondary problems that arise, such as insomnia and anxiety, at bedtime.   The condition can be both physically and mentally draining.   But this […]

Five Dental Specialties and what they do

There are many more dental health professionals besides the everyday, general dentists. Not many people know that the field of dentistry has a specialist for almost every type of oral hygiene/health issue. Different specialists in the dental industry include Periodontists, Orthodontists, Prosthodontists and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons. General dentists Think of your everyday dentist as […]

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