Dental Cover for Emergencies

Accidents happen all the time. A chipped tooth from a nasty fall, or even the need for an emergency procedure like a root canal surgery can put financial strain on you. This is especially true for accidents that occur in the latter half of the month.
Most people have allocated budgets, but by mid-month, their stores have been all but depleted. So the chances of a few thousand rand just lying around is rare; and if you do have the cash in savings, you probably don’t want to spend it at the dentist?

Dental procedure prices in South Africa

Firstly, a basic dental consultation can cost you anywhere in the R500 region. And yes, that initial visit is very necessary, so that the dentist can assess your mouth and decide on future plans and procedures. However, in an emergency, this fee is usually added on to the emergency procedure needed, especially if it is the first time that you are seeing this particular dentist.

General prices include fillings starting at R600, extractions from R380 and teeth cleanings from R250. You can expect to pay up to: R850 for a filling, R1 300 for an extraction and R5 900 for a crown, says Lamna Financial.

Affinity Dental

Although dental insurance is a new concept in South Africa, many people have attested to the benefits of having cover just for their teeth. Often, health insurance and medical aids have very limited benefits allocated to dentistry and the like. Affinity Dental is one of the first and fastest-growing dental insurance providers in the country. It offers customers three different cover options, tailored to match consumers’ unique needs and budgets.

There are three tiers to choose from, all of which can be found on the official Affinity Dental website.

Benefits are subject to a three-month waiting period from the commencement date unless stated otherwise, and pre-existing conditions are subject to a twelve-month waiting period from the commencement date across all three of the plans.

Affinity Dental plans do not substitute or replace a medical scheme, and the cover is not the same as that of a medical scheme. Subject to Demarcation Regulations, Affinity Dental does not refuse membership on the basis of any means of discrimination


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