Dental emergencies to look out for in children

Children are way more sensitive when it comes to their health, whether it is medical or dental related. As soon as your child complains of mouth pain or toothache, it is important that you get him/her to the dentist as soon as possible.

Children are also more prone to accidents that can damage the teeth, and the longer you take to treat any ailments the more serious they could become.


Toothache in children

Toothache in kids is usually from decay. Children do tend to eat more sugary treats than adults and may not be as thorough when brushing their teeth.

Dentists suggest that parents should assist children with brushing their teeth until they are 8 or 9 years old to make sure that they reach and brush the entire mouth and tongue.

If your child has a toothache, give him/her some paracetamol or ibuprofen for children to help with the pain. It’s important to follow the correct dose as recommended in the manufacturer’s instructions. Don’t apply heat or put any kind of aspirin or topical pain reliever directly onto the affected area as this could damage the gums.

You can look in your child’s mouth using a torch and see if there is a hole in a tooth, but don’t apply anything to it. If your child can rinse his/her mouth with warm water, this will help to clean it, suggests BUPA.

Chipped teeth

Teeth that chip easily, without reason could be a sign of a more serious issue. If your child’s tooth breaks off, save it in a glass of milk. Take this with you when you go to the dentist so that he/she can determine the cause of the brittle tooth.

Rinse your child’s mouth with warm water, then use a cold compress to reduce swelling.

Knocked-Out Tooth

Sunnybrooke Dental suggests that if your child’s tooth has been knocked out, find the tooth and rinse it with clean water (no soap), taking care to only touch the crown of the tooth (the part you can see when it’s in place). Place the tooth in a clean container of milk. Call your dentist immediately and/or head to the hospital.

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