Dental specialists you can see with Affinity Dental

The dental industry is made up of a number of specialists. Most often people use the run-of-the-mill family dentists for everyday needs, but there are many other avenues to explore in the dental realm, depending on what exactly it is that you require. There are orthodontists, endodontists, periodontists and prosthodontists, among others.

Yes, each one of them does something different for your mouth, teeth or gums.

The problem with venturing out to more specialised practitioners is that specialist work can be pricey. This is why many people opt for a dental insurance policy, so that when they do need some extra work done, they are financially covered.

Does medical insurance cover specialists?

Not all dental insurance providers cover specialist work. Often, certain specialist consultations are covered and others not. It really depends on the insurance provider and the terms of your insurance contract.

Like health insurance, dental insurance covers the cost of certain procedures, check-ups and emergencies either in their entirety, or to an agreed upon percentage, depending on the type of plan you choose. In turn, the insured pays a monthly premium. Dental insurance policies help many people to effectively budget for the cost of major dental procedures.

As for Affinity Dental, there are three tiers of dental insurance available at different price points. Each of these options covers certain specialist work to various degrees.

Adults and children need to visit the dentist at least twice a year, and these dental maintenance appointments can really start to add up. Dental insurance will cover you for any additional treatments such as crowns, root canals or fillings, whether they are done at the dentist, or at a specialist practice.

Usually, a dentist will refer you to a specialist, if needed.

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