Do I need fillings?

Sometimes, no matter how well you take care of your teeth, you still end up with cavities. Cavities are large holes that form in your tooth’s enamel, destroying the tooth, causing pain and discomfort.

Teeth break for many reasons; including opening bottle caps and using your teeth as tools! Most of us are guilty of ripping things open with our teeth, which is convenient but very, very damaging.

Many people end up having to extract the affected tooth, if the cavity is at an advanced stage. But there is also the option of having the cavity filled, in an attempt to save the tooth.

If the tooth is salvageable, a filling could save it from extraction. You get to keep your tooth, and be free of the pain as well.

Whether or not you need a filling or an extraction can only be determined by a professional dentist.

But, what is a filling?

According to 210Dental, if you have tooth decay that causes cavity formation, your dentist will drill out the affected portion of the tooth and apply a filling.  This filling has the potential to last between five years and upwards of a couple decades.

Modern day fillings can be made from an assortment of materials such as gold; porcelain; silver amalgam or tooth-coloured, plastic, and materials. These are called composite resin fillings.

Even the tiniest holes in one’s tooth can benefit from being filled, in order to stop the decay from spreading to the rest of the tooth and teeth.

Even discoloured teeth can benefit from fillings. Even teeth grinding and the use of teeth to open things can cause discoloration and breaking of the toot’s enamel.

Damage to a tooth jeopardises its structure and integrity, if you can feel any holes and jagged edges on your pearly whites, you may need to give your local dentist a visit for a check-up, to see if you could benefit from a filling or two!


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