Does Dental Insurance cover Braces?

Over the last few years, braces have shaken their ‘socially awkward teen’ status as ‘nerd’ apparel, and moved into the mainstream as many people have chosen to opt for orthodontia, to fix a multitude of dental issues.

From an overbite, to crooked teeth, to various other flaws in mouth area, braces can be used to fix either cosmetic or structural issues. Mostly used in conjunction with other orthodontic appliances, dental braces help to widen the palate or jaws. This assists in shaping the teeth and jaws.

Orthodontia is not just regular dentistry, but a specialised field as an extension of the dental health industry. A dentist must complete 2–3 years of additional post-doctoral training to earn a specialty certificate in orthodontics, which contributes to the high prices charged for braces and the likes.

It is well know that insurance providers do not cover cosmetic procedures, and most appeals for braces are in fact just that; cosmetic.

While there are certain cases of a patient needing a jaw restructuring to improve quality of life, a large majority of people who choose to get braces do so for aesthetics.

Dental insurance is still a relatively new concept in South Africa, and Affinity Health is one of the leading providers, with an extensive offering for dental insurance plans.

Which procedures are covered?

Affinity has developed three dental insurance plans that are structured to suit you and your family’s needs.

The Silver, Gold and Platinum cover options give customers a selection, to make sure that each dental plan is best suited to their needs.

Root canals, extractions and many other necessary services are included.

The Platinum cover even supplies 1 set of Partial Plastic Dentures every 48 months per member.

The cash price of braces can cost you anything from R12000 and up.

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