Five fun ways to teach kids to brush their teeth

Five fun ways to teach kids to brush their teeth

Dental hygiene is essential! As soon as your child’s first teeth appear, teach them how to take care of their teeth and gums. You don’t want your child to experience the difficulty of cavities and other gum diseases.  Teaching your kids how to brush their own teeth is not an easy task for some parents, but it is a necessity. 

Some children dread the thought of brushing their teeth. Maybe they dislike the taste of fluoride in toothpaste, but either way, a firm dental care routine is vital for children.

As a parent, you know the importance of dental care – not just as an adult but as a child. The proper development of your children’s oral structure is taught through correct brushing techniques and conviction. 

Here are some suggestions for fun methods of brushing teeth:

Early oral hygiene

Try to use flannel on their gums before your children’s teeth come through to familiarise them with the sensation of having something in their mouth, cleaning. 

Some companies manufacture training toothbrush sets – bristle-free toothbrushes or toothbrushes with soft rubber bristles. It massages the gums, especially during teething time. Not too long after, your children can move onto an early toothbrush and acknowledge the action as a habit and not something to protest.  Your explanation is best when age-appropriate.  Use images, or find a cartoon explanation online, You can also ask a dentist to do a demonstration at a check-up. 

Kids brushes also come in cool colours, and have a selection of cartoon themed images. When selecting a toothpaste, choose on e made for kids, usually, its has a less pungent mint added to a flavour like strawberry or cherry. Choose each toothbrush specific to what your child likes. It can be their favourite cartoon or colour, but make sure that it is the correct size and has soft bristles. You and your children make turn teeth brushing into a fun activity and take them along to choose their own dental item. Ease them into the routine!

NOTE:  If you want to avoid artificial sweeteners or colours, try natural ingredients, such as baking soda and peppermint oil. 

Brush your teeth together

Your children watch your every move. Besides being so cute, they are the best imitators. If getting them to brush their teeth has been difficult, why not brush your teeth together and make it a bonding moment?

Brushing teeth as a fun activity will make it a positive action, and your children will look forward to doing it with you. Avoid forceful words around the brushing teeth topic and allow each child to adjust in their own time. 

Reward chart

According to Brisbane Kids, a reward chart can encourage teeth cleaning routines. A small incentive, such as a trip to the park, is an example of a special reward.

Start with small goals, and as the routine becomes more established, the reward can become bigger and more special. There are downloadable reward charts, or you can create one yourself. You can decide on how to reward your children. 

Play music while brushing

Children love music. They love to sing along to their favourite song, so why not pair up brushing teeth with songs they can sing and dance to? You can join them too and make the activity more entertaining. Children love it when their parents are silly and playful.

Ideally, your children should brush their teeth for two minutes, and this is possible with a catchy song. Before they know it, they will be done brushing. A dental care theme song is a good choice because it adds relevance to the action. 

If you can’t find a song that the children latch onto while they brush, make up a song. Add in traditional tunes and use motivational words. 

Set an example

Children can be clumsy, especially when it comes to brushing their teeth. Instead of telling them they are doing it wrong, show them how it is done first. 

Your children respond positively to praises, and it may encourage them to brush their teeth well every time. At first, there may be resistance, but you can overcome that hurdle and show them the correct way to brush their teeth.

Most importantly, turn oral care into something so fun that children will always want to jump at the occasion to brush their teeth.

Teach your children that brushing your teeth is a habit. Teach them to do it every day, no matter how frustrating it might be at the beginning of the journey. They will get the hang of it. 

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