Foods to avoid with receding gums

Receding gums. This is an oral disease that is usually a result of poor oral hygiene. The condition can be extremely uncomfortable, if not painful and presents exactly as it sounds. The gum starts to recede from its natural position on the teeth exposing the root of the tooth.
People who suffer from receding gum lines may want to avoid certain foods, as they could aggravate the condition and cause even more discomfort.

Acidic food

People who have exceeding gums should avoid acidic foods and drinks such as sodas, citrus and coffee, pasta, bread and the like. These foods are generally full of acid and sugar and are bad for the teeth, so when the teeth are overexposed, exposure to these foods can be extra damaging.
David Dennison DDS, MS, PhD, a diplomat of the American Board of Periodontology, says that highly acidic foods can also destroy the enamel of the teeth, so they can further damage teeth that have been over-exposed as a result of receding gums. 


When your gums have receded, the nerves in your roots are exposed, which makes your teeth sensitive, so cold food (and sometimes hot food) can be really painful to chew.

Also, chewing ice (which is a very common habit) can be devastating to your teeth. Not only can it damage the enamel, but with receding gums the impact of chewing anything so hard can loosen your teeth – yes, permanent teeth included.


Alcohol, including food that has been cooked using alcohol, can aggravate receding gums.

Alcohol causes dry mouth, which means that there is a lack of saliva. And a lack of saliva is detrimental to cleaning bacteria and debris from your teeth. Healthline explains that saliva helps repair early signs of tooth decay, gum disease, and other oral infections.

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