Why you should get your kids a dental plan

Having your children on a dental insurance plan can help them avoid some of the common oral issues that plague childhood; like painful cavities, rotten teeth and the like.

Teaching kids how to brush, floss and rinse their mouths after a sugar-filled day is good and very necessary, but children need a bit of extra assistance, and who better to assist them (and in turn educate them about their oral hygiene) than a qualified oral health professional?

Regular check-ups and cleaning are only a fraction of the very necessary precautions against childhood gum disease. Not many people know that chronic gingivitis is more common in children under 12. Chronic gingivitis causes gum tissue to swell, turn red and bleed easily. Left untreated, it can eventually advance to more serious forms of periodontal disease.


According to an article by Perio.Org, hormonal changes related to puberty can put teens at greater risk to getting periodontal disease.

It is important for teens – who will most likely have their permanent teeth  – to continue regular check-ups.

Children over 12 are also at the prime age for dental interventions like braces and other costly procedures.

Early diagnosis of periodontal diseases in children is vital to nipping any issues in the bud and preventing certain conditions from continuing into adulthood

Price of dental care in SA

To be frank, the cost of dental care in South Africa is quite high, and procedures like a root canal can cost you anywhere from R2000 and up. Extractions are around R600 a pop, and having to have dental work done at the drop of the hat is a luxury for people who are able to afford it. Children are more prone to diseases, accidents that affect the teeth and may need more appointments and consultations as they grow and develop. When it comes to parents, having dental cover can really save you from needing to find the cash to get your kids’ teeth sorted. For a small monthly premium, you are covered for most oral health emergencies.

Affinity Dental offers three plans, all differently priced and packaged for your unique needs. Benefits are subject to a three-month waiting period from the commencement date unless stated otherwise, and pre-existing conditions are subject to a twelve-month waiting period from the commencement date across all three plans.

It is important to note that the Affinity Dental plans do not substitute a Medical Scheme, and the cover is not the same as that of a Medical Scheme. Subject to Demarcation Regulations, Affinity Dental does not refuse membership on the basis of any form of discrimination.

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