Get your oral health on track in 2020

There’s no better time than the beginning of a new year to get every aspect of your life in order. Why not add your oral health to your list of 2020 priorities?

Your mouth has a tough job, especially in the Festive Season. But more importantly, your mouth is the first port of call for your digestive system, so it is important to keep it healthy and functioning well.

Oral health affects overall health.

Book a check up

If you haven’t had the time to pencil in your well-advised dental check-ups in 2019, make a concerted effort to do so in the new year. A good teeth cleaning is a wonderful way to give your mouth a fresh start.

Also, if you have any burgeoning issues like swollen gums or cavities, your dentist can nip them in the bud, the earlier the better.

Start good habits

Resolutions are essentially the promise of starting new, good habits. Endeavour to floss at least once every day. Brush your teeth in the evening before bed. A great resolution is cutting back on those sugary treats you love so much.

A great habit for your dental and overall health is to drink loads of water. Water assists with all your bodily functions and helps with saliva and mucous production. This will fight against dry, cracked lips and tongue. Drinking water also rinses your mouth after meals.

Quit smoking

Just stop. It’s terrible for you.

Everyone knows that cigarettes are deadly. Besides the assortment of cancers caused by nicotine, cigarettes also destroy the aesthetics of your mouth.

Midwest Dental recommends trying out a healthier habit, like chewing sugar free gum, which stimulates the flow of saliva, which washes away bacteria.

Smoking discolours teeth, causes bad breath and can lead to all sorts of oral infections.