How a dental plan could save your teeth

Brush, floss, rinse and repeat. That is the mantra for dental hygiene at home. But no matter how religiously you pamper and prime your teeth and gums, you will need to visit the dentist at some point. In fact, experts advise a biannual check-up to assess your oral health.


Tooth decay may not ignite fear in your heart, but consider that it spreads pretty quickly and if not treated professionally, tooth decay can result in you losing all your teeth!

As much as you can prevent tooth decay by eating a balanced diet and keeping your teeth clean, you cannot stop its effects at home. Extractions, fillings and other interventions are needed, and these are costly. Having dental insurance can save you thousands of rand. Also, if you have insurance, you can get help as and when it’s required, instead of having to wait until you have saved up enough cash. Also, the longer you leave the decay, the more it will spread, or cause you pain and discomfort.

Serious conditions

Some oral health problems can lead to life-threatening conditions. It’s important to see a dentist regularly, so that he or she can examine your mouth, not only for cavities, but for other, serious health conditions as well.

Affinity Dental provides cover for essential, advanced and affordable dental care benefits with a three-tier offering, tailored to fit the needs of each individual member.

Silver cover ensures that the basic dental needs are met, while Gold cover and Platinum cover offer more extensive cover. Multiple cover options allow you to choose a plan that best suits your needs.

Cover starts from as little as R189 a month.


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