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How acid reflux affects your teeth

Acid reflux is the condition where your stomach acid travels up your oesophagus into your mouth. Having dental cover can really help you save money on expensive, though necessary dental care to repair the damage caused by this and similar conditions to your teeth and gums.

Acid reflux can be a rare occurrence for some, only showing up after a spicy meal. But acid reflux that regularly occurs is actually a symptom of a larger problem; a condition referred to as GERD.


GERD, or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) sometimes becomes so severe that dentists need to literally rebuild the teeth, explains Madison Family Dental Associates.

Often, this causes heartburn and chest pain, but in many cases, the acid reaches the teeth, causing erosion and decay. The acid from your stomach damages the enamel that coats your teeth.

Even though enamel is strong (apparently it is the strongest part of our natural bodies) many factors like lifestyle, the food we eat and in this case, stomach acid, can wear it down. Acid from the stomach can cause tiny holes in the enamel surface, which can create all sorts of problems like sensitive teeth.

Sensitive teeth

When your teeth are sensitive, sensations like hot and cold can be painful. You may need to invest in a toothpaste specifically designed to combat sensitivity.


Another unpleasant side effect of having acid reflux is teeth discolouration. The constant exposure to harmful acidity causes the teeth to become a yellowish, brown colour. This is similar to what happens to the teeth of smokers.

Regular check ups

The only way to combat acid reflux is to change your diet to a more alkaline menu and have regular, professional cleanings amid a strict at-home cleaning regimen. Dental insurance like Affinity Dental allows for bi-yearly teeth cleanings and maintenance on your teeth. It also covers check-ups and many different procedures, both preventative and restorative dentistry.