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How do I know if Dentist will take my insurance?

Finding affordable dentistry in South Africa can be a difficult task. Most necessary procedures cost hundreds, even thousands of rand, making dental insurance a must have, in order to maintain oral and financial well-being.

The issue most dental insurance plan holders sometimes run into, is whether or not their preferred dentist takes their specific medical insurance, and how would they find out, before the consultation.

Firstly, giving the reception a call should suffice. Merely ask straight out if the dentist is on the network of your chosen insurance provider. But, if that isn’t an option for you, Affinity Dental has made the task even simpler.

When you sign up with Affinity Dental, you have access to a search engine that helps you easily identify the doctors and dentists on your network in your area.

You simply go to the Affinity Health or Affinity Dental Page, and click on the option ‘find a doctor in your area’ or ‘find a dentist in your area’ . Once there, all you have to do is type your area of residence into the search bar.

Once you click ‘search’, the list of all the practitioners in your area will show up, with the categories: Name, Physical Address, and Province and Contact Number.

Affinity Dental’s plans provide you with advanced and professional dental care through an extensive network of over 2 000 dentists.

By scheduling regular appointments for dental check-ups and cleanings you can take care of oral health problems, as well as identify signs of possible medical issues. About 90 percent of systemic diseases, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis, show symptoms in your oral health.

Some dental procedures can be costly and you never know when you may need them.  Looking after your teeth can get expensive, especially as you get older and this is why dental insurance is advantageous to have.