How much does a dental consultation cost?

When you are looking for a dentist that suits you and your family, you may need to book a general consultation for your dentist to assess your mouth and devise a plan for your dental care moving forward. Unfortunately, without dental insurance, general consultations are pretty pricey.

In South Africa, a general check-up can cost you anywhere between R300 and R500, depending on the suburb and location of the practice.

Another factor that may influence the rates your dentist charges for consultations, as well as procedures, is the technology the practice uses and all the support staff needed.

General prices include fillings at R600 and up, extractions from R380 and teeth cleanings from R250.

If you have a family that you need to provide dental care for, you could run up a bill of thousands of rand pretty quickly. Having a dental Insurance Plan such as Affinity Dental could save you money and ensure that your family can get emergency or routine dental work whenever they need it, without leaving you out of pocket or having to sacrifice other things.

Dental plans provide you with advanced and professional dental care through our extensive network of over 2 000 dentists.

Affinity Dental provides cover for essential, advanced and affordable dental care benefits with a three-tier offering, tailored to fit the needs of each individual member.

Silver cover ensures that the basic dental needs are met, while Gold cover and Platinum cover offer more extensive cover. Multiple cover options allow you to choose a plan that best suits your needs.

Cover starts from as little as R189 a month.

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