Going to the Dentist can truly cause anxiety, and many people avoid unnecessary dental visits, but to maintain good oral health, how often should you have your teeth cleaned?

Most people feel they deserve a gold star for dragging themselves to the Dentist once every 12 months, unless it’s an emergency, but having your teeth cleaned has many benefits. Plaque that builds up on your teeth is the leading cause of tooth decay, it can, however, be easily removed by brushing and flossing daily and with regular dental cleanings. Plaque also affects the health of your gums, gum disease begins from a build-up of plaque and is a major cause of tooth loss in adults. The plaque moves further into on your teeth and gum line as the gum disease progresses, leading to the bone in your jaw being affected, causing teeth to loosen and fall out. 

Another reason people have their teeth cleaned regularly, is to keep bad breath at bay, and to counter the effect food has on their teeth. Certain food and drinks can stain your teeth, but having your teeth cleaned can remove the resultant stains and leave your teeth freshly polished with a whiter, brighter smile.

According to Colgate, visiting the Dentist twice a year is recommended for most people, although some can get away with fewer visits. However, people who fall within the ‘high-risk group’ should visit the Dentist every 3 to 4 months. These people are:


  • Smokers
  • Pregnant women
  • Diabetics
  • People with gum disease
  • People with a weak immune response to bacterial infection
  • People who tend to get cavities or build up plaque

For years, people have been told they should go to the Dentist every 6 months. However, it’s suggested that you should have your teeth cleaned every 2 months. Dr Tom McGuire says: “Most dental insurance plans will only pay for 2 cleanings a year.”

“The simple answer is that you should have your teeth cleaned as often as your Hygienist or Dentist recommends. The more detailed answer is that it depends on the health of your gums and how committed you are to your oral hygiene programme.”

He continues: “If your gums are healthy and you follow a sound oral hygiene programme, you may not need to have your teeth cleaned every 6 months, or even every year.”

Check in with your Dentist on how often you need to have your teeth cleaned and get an oral hygiene routine you can follow to keep your teeth in their best shape. Find a Dentist today through Affinity Dental’s website.


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