How to safely remove a tooth at home

So, how do you remove your own tooth in the comfort of your own home? The best answer would be, don’t. But for interest sake, there are a few ways that can ensure the safest most practical tooth removal without the help of a professional.

Removing teeth at home is not a new trend. People have been removing teeth, mostly their children’s milk teeth at home for decades (regardless of how ill-advised the practice is according to most dentists).

The best thing to do is let milk teeth fall out naturally, even if they are hanging by a thread.


An old trick for removing loose teeth is using a piece of thread or cotton. The method involves wrapping the cotton around the base of the tooth and pulling hard. Most times, the other end of the cotton is tied to a pulley, or a door or window that is then slammed shut. This provides more leverage and force, yanking the tooth out in one go.

Of course, there is the obvious risk of injuring the gum.

Adult teeth

Adult teeth are deeply rooted in your jaw and are surrounded by gums, nerves and blood vessels, explains Healthline.

Extracting a troublesome permanent tooth can be dangerous outside of the expertise of a professional.  You run the risk of causing permanent damage to the gum. There is also the possibility that you break the tooth and end up only partially extracting it. This can lead to infection, bleeding and loads of pain.

Many people who cannot afford to go to a dentist for the procedure have tried dangerous methods like biting or chewing something very hard, or pulling teeth with their fingers. This can cause permanent damage.

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