How to save your teeth over the festive season

Everyone knows that the festive season is a time of over-indulgence, paired with reckless abandon. In this whirlwind, our daily ablutions and good hygiene habits tend to fall by the wayside a bit. Because we eat loads of sweet treats in the holiday months, if we neglect our dental health, January could see its ghastly effects on the mouth.

Well, while you are munching away at the delicious food, the bacteria in your mouth are having a field day.

So how do you combat the festive cavities and make sure that your teeth don’t suffer long-term for your lackadaisical holiday hygiene approach?

Keep the momentum

The best way to make sure the holidays don’t mess-up your teeth is to stick religiously to your dental hygiene regimen. Overindulge if you must, but be disciplined about rinsing your mouth and brushing before bedtime.

Drink your drinks with water

Most festive cocktails have sugary chasers and mixers, which can wreak havoc on your teeth’s enamel. Try to drink your alcohol on the rocks or with water, or a sugar-free mix. Besides being better for your mouth, it will probably prevent a hangover. Both sugar and alcohol take a toll on the liver and dehydrate the body. The combination can be really harsh.


If you cannot brush at the recommended two or three times a day, at least have travel-sized mouth wash with you to clean your teeth between meals. You can carry it in your purse or handbag, or even in your cubbyhole.

Also, drink loads of water. Water cleans the mouth and produces saliva that deposits essential minerals that build tooth enamel, Dental Plans explains. Water also hydrates the tongue and gums and washes away food particles from the teeth.

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