I have medical aid – do I need dental insurance?

Many people believe that their medical aid will cover all aspects of their health needs, including their dental expenses. This is, however, not completely true.

Yes, medical aid does offer some cover on certain basic procedures such as check-ups and cleanings, but the cover is quite limited and usually depletes faster than suits most families.


Why should you have dental insurance?

Taking good care of your teeth and gums requires more than just brushing and flossing twice a day. It also requires you to go for at least two check-ups a year – both to the dentist and to the oral hygienist for a thorough clean, says Money Shop.

Adults and children need to visit the dentist at least twice a year, and these dental maintenance appointments can really begin to add up. Dental insurance will cover you for any additional treatments such as crowns, root canal treatments or fillings, which can become very pricey.

Dental insurance is meant to absorb the risk that you’ll need to have a tooth extracted, for instance, or to get root canal treatment.

Like health insurance, it covers the cost of certain procedures, check-ups and emergencies, either in their entirety, or to an agreed upon percentage, depending on the type of plan you choose. In turn, the insured pays a monthly premium. Dental insurance policies help many people to effectively budget for the cost of large-scale dental procedures.

Investopedia explains: most dental insurance policies have waiting periods ranging from six to 12 months before any standard work can be done. Waiting periods for major work are typically longer and can be up to two years. These periods are established by insurance companies to guarantee they profit off a new account and to discourage people from applying for a new policy to cover impending procedures.

Some dental procedures can be costly and you never know when you may need them.  Looking after your teeth can become expensive, especially as you get older and this is why dental insurance is advantageous to have.

Having dental insurance such as  Affinity Dental makes it super affordable for you to keep your mouth in good condition with regular dental check-ups and examinations, professional cleanings, tooth extractions and fillings.

Dental insurance providers have specific packages to suit your pocket and needs.

Affinity Dental’s extensive network of over 2 000 dentists provides you with advanced, professional dental care.

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