It’s the end of the year! Three things to do for your teeth now

Your teeth have endured an entire 365 days of hard labour. Munching on hard candies, ripping into biltong and soaking in soft drinks can really take toll. And truth be told, sometimes one can forget to give your mouth a courtesy rinse, or floss each day.

What better way to end the year than pampering your hardest working part of your body? Your mouth.

Buy a new toothbrush

Toothbrushes can get germy. This is why most dentists and health practitioners recommend changing your tooth brush every six weeks. But another reason to refresh your brush every week is that constant use can cause the bristles to wear out.

Worn out bristles clean less effectively.


Invest in a good antiseptic mouth wash and use it once a week. The festive season comes with its own set of health risks. If you are going to be going out more, having late nights and eating from various buffets, a good mouthwash will help ward off any pesky germs that can get cosy in your mouth.

Mouth wash is also an effective way of reaching places between your teeth that you would otherwise have missed.

Get a check up

Go into the New Year prepared. Dentists recommend getting a check-up every six months. Having an affordable dental insurance plan like Affinity Dental Silver, Gold or Platinum can really save you money and give you access to all sorts of dental practitioners, specialists and procedures that would otherwise cost a fortune.

Getting a check-up will allow your dentist to identify any problem areas in your mouth. You can also get your teeth cleaned and polished to look extra good at your end-of-year functions.

Even if you brush and floss routinely and thoroughly, it’s still best to visit your dentist at regular intervals, explains NHS Inform. Not only will your dentist be able to check the general health of your teeth and gums but he/she will be able to monitor your mouth for any early signs of problems such as dental decay, gum disease and mouth cancer.

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