Meghan Markle’s teeth: A 2019 trend

Meghan Markle is an A-List Hollywood actress, who married into British royalty, and now everyone is envying one of her most beautiful features: her perfect smile.

Popular UK Dentist, Dr Richard Marques, known as the ‘King of Smiles’ told Hello Magazine that most patients are now requesting that their teeth be reconstructed to resemble Meghan’s.

If there is anything that a potential cosmetic dentistry patient can learn from Meghan, it’s that an amazing smile pays dividends in photos, as it makes you seem more approachable and down to earth (even when you’re posing for engagement photos with a Prince) and above all, it makes you look amazing. Meghan’s smile helped her land acting roles, and she no doubt used that smile on Prince Harry to win him over. “Your smile can make you lucky in your career and love too”, he told the publication.

“If you do a Google search for Meghan’s teeth, you will easily discover grainy, high school yearbook photos that show her smiling widely, but with a gap between her front teeth. A round of braces or Invisalign could have tightened up those spaces while a teeth-whitening treatment could have brightened her teeth, because in Meghan’s sorority photos from North-western University, she is sporting a flawless, straight, white grin,” Marques continued.

People are also interested in more natural looking teeth.

Dr Krystyna – a London-based cosmetic and dental surgeon, says Meghan has “a symmetrical, broad smile that reaches to the buccal corridors [the space between cheeks and teeth] and her teeth are elegantly contoured with feminine curves and even shape. The colour is fresh and naturally white”. She adds: “Teeth should not be whiter than the white of your eye!”

Another dentistry trend this year is 3D printing.

“While this technology has been around for years, it will become more dominant in 2019,” says Beckers Dental.


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