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Natural remedies to keep your mouth healthy

Natural and holistic medicine has been all the rage for a number of years, and this trend has filtered through to the dental community as well.

Typically, chemicals are used in medicines and oral products, which – regardless of being quite effective  – sometimes carry certain health risks and the dangers of having a negative, possibly allergic reaction.

So, to keep mouths healthy, people have opted for more natural methods.


Salt water rinse

Very Well Health says that salt water is also a good toothache aid. Rinsing with warm salt water two to three times a day may help to relieve a toothache, by disinfecting the cavity that may be causing the discomfort.

Salt water has always been a well-known antiseptic, removing bacteria from infected areas.

It also reduces the alkalinity in the mouth, making it a less desirable place for bacteria to breed.



Surprisingly, eating pineapple is a delicious way to whiten your teeth!

Pineapples contain an enzyme called bromelain, which acts as a natural stain remover. It also aids in keeping your breath fresh.


Baking soda

Known for its cleaning abilities, baking soda is a safe household product that you can make into a paste by adding a touch of hydrogen peroxide.

Use it the same way you would use toothpaste and rinse thoroughly. Not only does it eliminate germs, but keeps your teeth smooth and white, as it combats any yellow stains that may have accumulated.


Have a mouth sore?

No need to pop in at the chemist. Besides salt water and baking soda rinses being perfect to clean out the affected area, eating Greek yoghurt will help the sore heal faster.

“Probiotic yogurt is filled with good bacteria. Beneficial bacteria replenish your oral flora and may help treat canker sores. The friendly bacteria in probiotic yogurt will improve your stomach and intestinal health. This, in turn, improves the health of your mouth. The cool nature of yogurt can also help to calm and soothe the pain”, says Doctor Steven Lin.

Eat cultured, probiotic yogurt on a daily basis to help with canker sores.