New dental products on the market

New dental products on the market

Dental innovations are on the rise, and 2022 has a few goodies in store.  Dental Technology has continued to advance, even through COVID – with more convenient products and methods that benefit healthcare professionals and their patients. 

Sometimes, finding the right dental-health products for you can be difficult. There is so much to choose from. There are regular products that kill bad breath or whiten your teeth. Then, there is a variety of toothbrushes, toothpaste, flosses and mouthwashes, manual toothbrushes, water flossers, at-home whitening kits and more.

Having a bright smile is a confidence booster!

Now there are products that are easy and fun to use at home. Many of the innovations are also for inhouse procedures to go smoother and faster. Below are a few new additions to the world of dental healthcare. 


This wet grinding and dry milling product is able to produce single crowns from various materials in less than five minutes. The mill has two spindles and four motors, plus fast milling capabilities. 

It features innovations such as a seven-inch touchscreen interface with guided workflows, a material block identifying camera, and an RFID read which scans tools and their lifespan.

The mill can also tell you when to change a tool, has guidelines to maintain the machine and an LED strip. The mill is an achievement in its industry because of its speed, versatility and readiness for future expansion.

At-Home-Teeth-Whitening Kit

The testers at SELF say the at-home-whitening kit is suitable when your teeth need a touch-up. Painting on the whitening serum is easy and enjoyable and includes a rechargeable blue-light LED tray for your mouth that only needs to be used for 10 minutes. 

The product shows instant results with no irritation to your sensitive teeth or gums. The serum consists of hydrogen peroxide, which is a recommended whitening agent. 

Remember, this procedure is still best done by a dental professional.


Flossing can sometimes be a tedious job, but the candelilla waxed floss aims to change your mind. It is elegant, plastic-free and comes in environmentally-friendly packaging. 

The floss is in a dainty glass vial, rolled up like a spool and thread via the lid. The packaging doesn’t only offer the wax floss, but a refill spool too. The wax is unflavoured and vegan. It derives from a plant and not beeswax.

This floss is perfect for tight spaces between your teeth is tight because it easily slips into places that unwaxed floss can’t seem to reach.

Another trending floss with a refreshing ending is an ADA-approved water flosser. The floss squirts water between and around your teeth, releasing any stuck gunk. It is cordless with six different flossing picks, as well as ten pressure settings for cleaning that last almost a month-long per when charged.

Dental experts aren’t big fans of water floss because it lacks mechanical action and scraping. It is, however, a helpful option if you have braces, bridges or other orthodontia. 

Digital X-Rays

Medical x-rays are more than a century old. They sure have come a long way! From traditional film x-rays to digital dental x-rays, experts are saying that they are similar, but patients receive less exposure to radiation with the digital option, and the images are transferred directly to a computer to be looked at immediately. 

Digital x-rays allow your dentist to pull up your folder and examine areas closely – areas that are below and inside your tooth that the traditional film x-ray won’t allow. The digital x-ray version is capable of being inside and outside of your mouth. 

Extraoral x-rays are taken outside of your mouth, and because it is in a digital format, the machine can circle your head capture all your teeth and assess wisdom teeth, jaw issues or dental implants.

Electric Toothbrush

An electric toothbrush, according to testers, has more pros than cons. It is compact, which means that you can easily include it in your travelling toiletry bag. Some of these style toothbrushes come with a two-minute timer and quad pacer. The quad pacer makes sure that you spend 30 seconds per quadrant polishing your teeth.

An electric toothbrush has become a popular purchase. The brush head has medium bristles, but experts encourage you to use soft-bristle brushes.

Forever evolving

Dental technology is evolving overnight and doesn’t look to stop any time soon. As a patient, it may be overwhelming to witness these changes, but find a dentist who you can trust, to treat you with the best care using the best technology –  and who is happy to explain new products and procedures to you. 

Don’t be afraid to ask your dentist about the new dental trends, state-of-the-art dental technology and whatever else you’ll be experiencing in the dentist chair!

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