People are coming to South Africa for Cosmetic Surgery Vacations!

When you think plastic surgery, many things come to mind. Nose jobs, veneers and even breast implants, which all fall under the ‘cosmetic surgery’ umbrella. These procedures were first popularised in Hollywood and then became synonymous with American and European beauty standards. But South Africa seems to have jumped onto the bandwagon in a huge way, as people are coming to SA, more specifically Cape Town, for elective surgery on their features.

There are several websites dedicated to ‘medical travel’, a fairly new term that defines travelling the world, while having some ‘work done’.

One such website is Surgical Bliss. The site reads: “Surgical Bliss is a proudly South African medical tourism company based in sunny Cape Town. We can assist you in your recovery and any holiday plans that you wish to make in Cape Town. Surgical Bliss is the surgery in South Africa option you have been searching for.” Consumers aren’t only travelling for cosmetic surgeries though, other procedures are also available, including Ophthalmology and Fertility Treatment.

“South African doctors enjoy a very good reputation across the world, and plastic surgeons are no exception,” says SA Tourism.

“An entire industry of cosmetic surgery tourism came about when companies started to offer packaged deals to tourists, involving cosmetic surgery combined with a holiday.

“For several years South Africa, especially Cape Town, has been a popular place for international visitors to undergo surgery where they can spend their time recuperating and enjoying the beauty that the country has to offer.”

There are a number of travel agencies that offer medical packages combined with accommodation bookings and sightseeing itineraries, says Traveller24. In South Africa, Surgeon and Safari is an example of a company that will assist with planning medical, recuperative and tourism needs.

Surgeon and Safari’s founder told the publication: “South Africa has become a hub for medical procedures – and not only within the cosmetic surgery space, though this has received justifiable attention. The country’s expertise in cardiology, gynaecology, oncology and orthopaedics has, however, seen it rise to prominence across Africa in these fields as well.”

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