Play sports? You need a dental insurance plan

Not all sports are high impact, but if you find yourself dodging balls and rackets on the field or court, your teeth may be in danger!

If you play sports or have an athletic kid, you are familiar with protective gear such as knee pads, shin guards and helmets. Mouth guards are just as important as these better known precautionary pieces. An accident can happen on the court very quickly, and knocking a tooth loose is quite possible and absolutely painful.

Besides damage to the teeth, your teeth may in fact be a danger to the rest of your mouth!

Mouth guards protect your mouth from your teeth – warding off cracked lips and bitten tongues. People who wear braces or have dental restoration work (such as a bridge or a dental implant) in the lower jaw are advised to wear mouth guards when on the sports field.


What Is an Athletic Mouth Guard?

Athletes who don’t wear mouth guards are 60 times more likely to damage their teeth.

Mouth guards fit over the upper teeth and protect them from breaking, chipping or cracking owing to impacts to your face and head and injuries directly to your mouth.


Dental injuries are common

Some of the more common sport-related dental injuries include tooth fractures, fully dislodged teeth, as well as loosened teeth. Extensive bleeding and pain could occur even in the case of a tooth fracture if the crack extends through the whole tooth.

According to Spirit Dental, dental injuries related to sports are common. For example, experts have reported that anywhere from 13% to 39% of all dental injuries are the result of patients being involved in sports. On top of that, roughly 80% of the injuries that dentists treat affect the upper front teeth, although damage to the cheeks and tongue are also common.

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