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Protect your teeth during Easter

Chocolate. Very few people can say no to a delicious milk chocolate Easter egg. Or maybe dark chocolate with chilli flakes is your preferred poison? No matter what you fancy, Easter weekend is filled with the delicious, indulgent little treats.
The downside is that mainstream chocolate bars and Easter eggs are full of sugar! Sugar is devastating for our teeth.

So, how can you protect your teeth this Easter?

Brush when you have done eating sweets

Wait half an hour, then brush your teeth once you are done indulging in all the treats.

Your mouth is normally alkaline, but after eating or drinking, it becomes slightly acidic, causing the enamel surface of your teeth to soften. This is why it is advised that you wait for the enamel to harden, then brush away all the sugar and gunk so that you don’t get any cavities!


Drink water

This won’t only help with cleaning your mouth and rinsing the sugar from your teeth between brushing your teeth, but there’s no harm in staying hydrated.


Don’t Let Easter Treats Linger

The length of time sugary food stays in your mouth can affect tooth decay, says MyKidsTime. Avoid, treats that tend to linger in the mouth, such as hard or sticky sweets, as they will do the most damage.

Also seasonal favourites, such as hot cross buns contain dried fruit and are high in sugar, making them more likely to stick to teeth. Manage the frequency of snacking to avoid damage to your teeth. This includes fruit juices and milkshakes and other sugary beverages that coat your mouth and teeth.


Low-sugar alternatives

Centreford Dentistry suggests that this year, people should choose chocolate eggs and treats that are much lower in sugar.  However, chocolate is actually better on your teeth than chewy sweets so even if you do want a splurge this year, just encourage good oral hygiene! Brush, rinse and floss every morning and night.

Easter is a good reminder to visit your dentist and have a check-up. It’s preferable to have a dental insurance provider like Affinity Dental to assist you with the cost of regular check-ups. Having your mouth, teeth and gums inspected every six months helps ensures that you fix any small cavities or ailments before they develop into bigger issues.