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Silver Plan

The Silver Plan covers your essential dental needs for a minimal premium.

Starting from as little as

R175 per month

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Principal Member

R175 per month

Adult Dependant

R157 per month

Child Dependant

R125 per month

Benefit details

Full Mouth Examination or Scale and Polish

Once per 6 month interval.

Full Mouth Examination includes inspection of the teeth and surrounding tissues of the oral cavity.

Scale and Polish involves the removal of all tartar build up on the teeth.

3 month waiting period
Intraoral Radiographs

2 films per member per year.

3 month waiting period
Emergency Examination

Unlimited consultations available if a member is in pain or discomfort deriving from any form of dental occurrence.

1 month waiting period
Infection Control

No annual limit, but limited to 2 codes per consultation. This consists of equipment sterilisation.

1 month waiting period

3 extractions per member per year.

3 month waiting period

3 restorations per member per year.

Amalgam fillings only.

6 month waiting period
Specialist Dentistry

R640 per policy per year.

Cover for any events not mentioned above.

12 month waiting period