Why gums get sensitive during pregnancy

Lose a tooth, gain a child. That is an old adage that has proven to be medically accurate. When a woman is pregnant, the growing foetus in her womb will use all of the nutrients she consumes, as well as the calcium from the mother’s body in order to grow. The mouth of a pregnant […]

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Pregnancy: Detrimental to your teeth

Ask any pregnant mom and she will tell you that her pregnancy took its toll on many parts of her body, but the most significant attack was on her pearly whites. Pregnancy is hard on the mouth, with many women suffering from morning sickness (which means constant vomiting and stomach acid attacking the teeth and […]

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What your mouth says about you

How can the condition of your mouth can help your physician identify whether or not you may be suffering from a certain illness? You can tell a whole lot about someone by the condition of their mouth. This might seem far-fetched, but there is actual research behind it. If you read our article titled “Is […]

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