The toothbrush of the future

Technology is magnificent. Mundane tasks and objects become extraordinary with just a few modifications, and the toothbrush of the future being one such innovation.

The toothbrush is the brainchild of Boie USA. “We have aimed to find that sweet spot; our elastomer bristles are designed to help remove plaque while at the same time reducing the abrasive effect that brushing has on your teeth and gums. We’ve accomplished this by using a super soft medical grade elastomer instead of nylon as our bristle material.”

Even though the toothbrush is still a Kickstarter project, the dental industry has shown massive interest in the antimicrobial, non-abrasive toothbrush made from a medical grade elastomer that lasts twice as long as run-of-the-mill, nylon-bristled toothbrushes.

The projects Kickstarter page reads: Traditional toothbrushes are abrasive, dirty and wasteful. Something that we use twice a day, every day, should be better than that. This has led us to develop a toothbrush that is functional, clean and environmentally friendly.

The bristles are made from a medical grade elastomer that is less abrasive than the average toothbrush. The bristles are antibacterial and have interchangeable heads that last twice as long as nylon bristles. The ergonomic S-shaped, ultra-thin handle makes for a sleek look and easy handling by kids and adults.

The project has already accrued donations up to $93 633 to date; the original goal was $10 000.

“The primary use of a toothbrush is to remove plaque and bacteria from our teeth and gums. Luckily for us, plaque is soft and relatively easy to remove. Instead, one of the biggest mistakes we make when brushing our teeth is brushing too aggressively. Brushing aggressively is a leading cause of receding gums and can lead to tooth enamel erosion.”

Love it!

Reviews of the toothbrush have all been positive.

“I wanted to have these for travel as they’re antimicrobial. I thought since they weren’t regular bristles it would feel funny in my mouth, but I honestly couldn’t even tell. It felt like a normal toothbrush!” one user, Mandeep Johl, commented on the page.


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