Tooth hurts? Say something!

So what’s so wise about wisdom teeth? They come up out of nowhere, suddenly cause more pain than their worth, costing more than your bi-annual check-ups and have no place invading your mouth. You consider keeping your mouth shut and killing time with more pressing issues, hoping time will relieve the pain – only to wake up on another day to spreading infection and more pressure to pull out before things get too deep. 

Keeping mum can prove to be expensive. Wisdom teeth present themselves with acute symptoms such as painful swelling, pus discharge and fever over 3 to 4 days, as advised by Medical News Today (, while chronic manifestations are more advanced and severe experiences of these symptoms – with the pain scaling from sharp to dull. Additional thereto, is the higher costs for treatment deferred, which may require theatre admission and that is something we’d like to avoid at all costs. 

There is no benefit on the Affinity Dental plans that covers in-hospital treatment, so it is vital to never bite off more than you can chew. Otherwise, you will be facing unnecessary shortfalls, which can be avoided if you contact Affinity Dental on time. Even worse, it is not advised to allow the symptoms to worsen and cause a deterioration of your dental condition, as this will increase costs for treatment and have you footing the bill. 


There are benefits, however, that cover emergency examination, intraoral radiographs, infection control, and wisdom tooth impaction in addition to your bi-annual full mouth assessments on the Affinity Dental Gold, Platinum and Platinum Plus plans. 

Impaction Gold – Maximum of 2 teeth per member, per year
Platinum – Maximum of 3 teeth per member, per year.
Applicable to Wisdom teeth only.

In the event that you need to treat Wisdom Tooth Impaction, Affinity Dental pays out the maximum policy rates for the specific tariff code that is on the Affinity Dental formulary, which in this case the network Dentist will need to use to refer you for the treatment you need. It is always important to keep in touch with us and ask questions whenever uncertain, and we will assist you with pre-authorising your dental cover according to the severity of your symptoms. Call us on 0861 55 55 22 or email for more information.

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