Want to get a dental plan? These are some things you should know

Want to get a dental plan? These are some things you should know

Most people on a dental insurance plan ensure that they schedule a dental check-up and cleaning every six months, which are as important as going for regular physical examinations.

Oral health can affect the functions of other body systems. Frequent mouth infections and gum disease could mean diabetes, or it can lead to heart disease. The erosion of tooth enamel may indicate gastro diseases, while a dry mouth could indicate an underlying illness. 

A 2020 report on the US Fringe Benefits Analysts website states that “because dental health is so important, dental insurance is also important because it gives you the means to pay for both preventative and acute care.”

FBA cites dental insurance as being crucial in contributing to the cost of major dental care, such as getting a crown or a root canal procedure. And people with dental insurance tend to receive consistent pricing on dental care while those without the insurance face higher costs as charges differ from practice to practice.

“Additionally, individuals with dental insurance have been found to be more likely to go to the dentist for preventative care and are more likely to seek medical attention for acute dental issues. Those without dental insurance tend to wait until the last minute, which can also result in more health issues and more expensive care,” the FBA report states.

To get dental insurance or not

In a 2019/2020 report on Lifehacker, personal finance author Lisa Rowan says: “Even if you’re pretty healthy, you want that reassurance that if something serious should happen, your insurance will pay for most of the outrageous costs of medical care.”

Most plans pay for routine costs like cleanings, X-rays and a few fillings, but a tooth loss from an accident, which requires an implant, may not be fully covered.

With limits on what will be paid for, people question whether dental insurance is a viable option. People should determine if dental insurance is the right fit for them by calculating whether their annual premium is “equal to or less than the cost of two cleanings, two exams, and one set of X-rays.” If the math checks get the coverage, the insurer suggests as it “breaks your large costs down into a manageable monthly budget”. 

Local dental care

In the last five years, many of South Africa’s most prominent medical schemes have outsourced to specialist management of dental care. This “is good news for members, because it results in much greater scrutiny of dental-care providers and a competitive environment, which means that medical schemes have to squeeze every last drop of value out of the dental rand,” Liz Still reports in IOL Personal Finance.

As a result of outsourcing, many medical schemes can improve their offerings to the low-income market who value dental benefits but who were previously either excluded from dental care plans or were offered the bare minimum. These workers no longer depend on state hospital dental care but can access quicker private dental service. 

Having dental insurance can mitigate the costs of all the check-ups and post-dental surgery interventions that may come along.

Affinity Dental offers consumers affordable premiums and essential benefits. The insurance provider has designed expertly crafted dental insurance plans, structured to suit everyone’s needs.

Why get a Platinum Plan from Affinity Dental

Dental insurance is an excellent add on to any health plan. Because of businesses like Affinity Dental, it is now a service on its own. this means that dental care can now be more accessible and affordable. 

Loads of consumers face issues with their dental insurance providers over the very limited amount of procedures that are fully covered. 

Affinity Dental has overcome that dilemma by introducing Affinity Platinum, an all-inclusive dental package for people who want full coverage. And the best part is, it is still at an affordable rate. 

The Platinum Plan covers an extensive list of procedures including a complete mouth examination with an inspection of the teeth and surrounding tissues of the oral cavity.  

Without dental insurance, this could cost you thousands of rand. Other procedures like scaling and polishing, intraoral radiographs, emergency examination, infection control, extractions and fillings are also covered. Imagine having to pay for these out of pocket? Most private practises don’t allow for any payment plans, so you would need to give them a lump sum.

The price of having a filling done is currently around R400 each and most times, you need a few fillings to be done in one sitting. Affinity Platinum also promises that there are unlimited consultations available if a member is in pain or discomfort stemming from any form of dental occurrence.

Other procedures covered by the plan include Root Canal, Impaction and Crowns.

The package also makes allowance for Specialist Dentistry.

Platinum Plan benefits are subject to a three-month waiting period from the commencement date unless stated otherwise, and pre-existing conditions are subject to a twelve-month waiting period from the commencement date.

There is also the option of upgrading further to the Platinum Plus package. 


The Platinum Plus package is only available on the Platinum Plan and has a waiting period of 12 months.

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