What does dental insurance cover?

Affinity Dental is one of the fastest growing dental insurance providers in South Africa.

Dental insurance is an innovative new product that assists with the cost of dental work, and Affinity is one of the leading providers of this service, offering an extensive package to fit each pocket.

What do most dental insurers provide?

WebMD explains that generally, dental insurance policies cover some portion of the cost of preventive care, fillings, crowns, root canals, and oral surgery, such as tooth extractions. When it comes to specialised dentistry like orthodontics, the patient often requires a rider, in which you pay an additional fee, for any kind of policy.

What does Affinity Dental provide?

Well, depending on affordability, Affinity Dental provides three tiered options; Silver, Gold and platinum cover.

The cover differs only in the monetary amount that is covered for dental work in each category, and the premiums paid.

The actual itemised benefits are the same.

Across all three plans, Benefits are subject to a 3 (three) month waiting period from commencement date unless stated otherwise and pre-existing conditions are subject to a 12 (twelve) month waiting period from commencement date.

The Silver Plan

This plan starts from as little as R189 per month, and is the plan to cover basic dentistry needs.

It includes Full Mouth Examination or Scale and Polish, Intraoral, Radiographs, Emergency Examination, Infection Control, Extractions, Fillings, and Specialist Dentistry.

The Gold Plan

The Gold Plan offers the same as the silver plan, with a few extras.

Full Mouth Examination or Scale and Polish, Intraoral Radiographs, Emergency Examination, Infection Control’ Extractions’ Fillings’ Root, Canal, Impaction, Crown and again, Specialist Dentistry.

The Platinum Plan

Most extensive cover can be expected from the Platinum plan that costs members around R389 per month.

Members can expect everything that the Gold Plan offers, with added budget for a fuller cover.

Also, Platinum Plus

The Platinum Plus package is only available on the Platinum Plan and has a waiting period of 12 months. It offers members an increased Specialist Dentistry benefit; increased cover for Crowns; and a set of Partial Plastic Dentures every 48 months per member.

Contact Affinity Dental today and choose the plan that fits your oral care needs.

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