What kind of toothpaste should you be using?

What kind of toothpaste should you be using?

Choosing the proper type of toothpaste is very important. There are loads of options that take care of your particular needs; teeth whitening, sensitive teeth care, cavity-fighting and more. 

“When looking for toothpaste, you’ll find they make various claims about cavity protection, gingivitis, plaque, sensitivity, tartar, whitening and breath-freshening,” dentist Nathan Janowicz DMD, told Cleveland Clinic.

“For the best protection, find one with at least 1,000 parts per million fluorides,” he says. 

Denta Gama advises that bi-annual visits to the family dentist are a natural part of keeping good dental hygiene. No matter what toothpaste you go with or how good your routine is, it is very important to get checkups at least twice a year so that your dentist can tell you if there are any adjustments needed and see the general state of your mouth. A lot can change in your mouth over six months. 

Below we highlight the different toothpaste brands available in SA, and their proposed benefits – to make it easier for you to find what you need. 

Sensitive teeth

Sensitive teeth are painful. The nerves in the teeth are a bit more exposed, and this causes pain when patients eat food that is too hot or too cold.

Toothpaste for sensitive teeth is designed to strengthen enamel, whiten your teeth gently and lessen sensitivity. It has all-around protection and benefits for your teeth. If you have sensitive teeth, choose a toothpaste that builds enamel back on eroded teeth. Try to stay clear of acidic drinks and foods to prevent erosion. 

Also find one with teeth-strengthening minerals, such as calcium. Calcium restores your teeth and eases sensitivity. 

Sensodyne True White Sensitive Teeth Toothpaste caters for those with acute tooth pain. 

The texture is said to be less abrasive. You can whiten your teeth without causing pain. It can maintain your level of tooth whiteness with an applied barrier that prevents new stains while you eat and drink throughout your day.

Sensodyne uses potassium nitrate in its products. It relieves sensitivity and sodium tripolyphosphate, which blocks future stains.

Bad breath

Bad breath can affect how you interact with people. Odour-producing bacteria grow in the mouth. When you don’t clean your mouth regularly, the bacteria accumulate on the food bits left between the teeth. The sulfur compounds released by these bacteria make your breath smell.

Colgate Total Advanced Fresh Toothpaste is known to give you long-lasting fresh breath. It also whitens teeth adequately, and the ingredients keep your teeth clean. 

You may feel a burning or numbing sensation. It also contains triclosan, an ingredient intended to reduce or prevent bacterial contamination. 

The toothpaste fights cavities, gingivitis and other bad breath troublemakers.

Stained teeth

Teeth whitening products contain hydrogen peroxide and sodium fluoride. These elements remove stains quickly. It usually has a minty fresh taste, and the fluoride fights cavities too. The only con is it may be too harsh for sensitive teeth.

Stubborn wine and coffee stains on your teeth are difficult to remove.

Colgate’s Optic White Platinum Stain-Less White product has double the whitening agent compared to its other whitening toothpaste. If your teeth are sensitive, do not use this toothpaste every day. It is better as a periodic intense whitener. 

Milk teeth

Toothpaste for kids should be dye and preservative-free. It also comes in fluoride and fluoride-free versions for moms and dads who want to go as natural as possible. The fluoride and fluoride-free products are available in various flavours to encourage teeth brushing and make the experience enjoyable for children. 

Don’t rush

If you feel overwhelmed when figuring out which toothpaste is best for you, speak to your dental practitioner for guidance. 

Having dental insurance can assist with the sometimes high costs of all the checkups and dental interventions. Taking care of your oral hygiene is very important.

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