Why do my teeth hurt?

Toothache can be debilitating. Pain in the teeth and gums is very common and can be caused by countless factors. Tooth decay, exposed nerves, and cracks in the enamel of the tooth can all be excruciatingly painful. If you experience any sort of pain, see your dentist immediately, so that he or she can assess whether or not your tooth can be salvaged or if you need to remove it. 

So what are some of the possible causes of toothache?


Plaque and build up from the food we eat can create holes in our teeth, especially if we do not have a cleaning regimen that we follow closely. The plaque will penetrate into the tooth enamel causing a loss of tooth mineral. This will cause pain in the tooth’s inner layer, the pulp and is one of the most common causes of toothache.

Damaged Teeth 

A cracked or broken tooth could be the reason for your pain and could even contribute to tooth decay. Broken teeth hurt because when exposed, the pulp contains the tooth’s nerves and blood vessels. When the outer hard tissues of the tooth are cracked, chewing can cause movement of the pieces, and the pulp can become irritated. Eventually, the pulp will become damaged to the point that it can no longer heal itself, explains AAE.


If you do not have any decay or gum disease, Bruxism may be causing your discomfort. Bruxism affects millions of people around the world. It is the compulsive grinding of your teeth, mostly in your sleep. 

If left untreated, chronic tooth grinding can damage crowns and fillings and wear away tooth enamel, putting your teeth at increased risk for infection or decay, explains Crest. 

Bruxism can have many causes, such as crooked teeth, poor jaw alignment and stress or anxiety. Most dentists will prescribe a mouth guard to minimise its effects.
See a dentist immediately.

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