Why get a Platinum Plan from Affinity Dental

Dental insurance is a wonderful add on to any health plan, and thanks to businesses like Affinity Dental, it is now a service on its own, making dental care more accessible and affordable.

A problem many consumers face with their dental insurance providers is that insurers only cover a very select number of procedures.

Affinity Dental has overcome that dilemma by introducing Affinity Platinum, an all-inclusive dental package for people who really want full cover – at an affordable rate.

The Platinum Plan covers an extensive list of procedures.

It offers complete mouth examination, which includes inspection of the teeth and surrounding tissues of the oral cavity.  Without dental insurance, you would be expected to pay thousands of rand for procedures like scaling and polishing, intraoral radiographs, emergency examination, infection control, extractions and fillings.

The price of having a filling done is currently around R400 each and most times, you need a few fillings to be done in one sitting. Affinity Platinum also promises that there are unlimited consultations available if a member is in pain or discomfort stemming from any form of dental occurrence.

Other procedures covered by the plan include Root Canal, Impaction and Crowns.

The package also makes allowance for Specialist Dentistry.

Platinum Plan benefits are subject to a three-month waiting period from the commencement date unless stated otherwise, and pre-existing conditions are subject to a twelve-month waiting period from the commencement date.

There is also the option of upgrading further to the Platinum Plus package.

The Platinum Plus package is only available on the Platinum Plan and has a waiting period of 12 months.

Dental health is a priority, so if you want the best cover, with the most extensive scope of assistance, contact the Affinity Dental call centre and let the agent help you explore your options.

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