Why you need insurance for dentures

A large percentage of the population have dentures. Dentures are also known as ‘false teeth’ and they are a common, cosmetic and medical prosthetic. But as with everything, there are “well-made dentures, and then there are knock off, more cost effective versions, which usually result in oral injuries and an all-around uncomfortable fit.

Dentures can certainly be costly, costing anywhere from R800 to R5000 per set. This is why it is important to have a dental insurance provider to foot the bill when you cannot pay out of your own pocket. The great thing about dentures is that most medical insurances cover dentures to a certain amount, if not fully.

Affinity Dental is one of the fastest growing dental insurance providers in South Africa. Keeping in line with the vision of cost-effective insurance cover, Affinity Dental prides itself on providing you with essential benefits at a rate that you can afford.

Types of Dentures

Full dentures are the most common type of dentures and they may be fixed or removable.

Removable, full dentures are the cheapest way to replace teeth and when they are well made, they look natural and function similarly to natural teeth. But removable dentures tend to accelerate bone loss in the jaw and will need to be relined or re-made periodically, explains Dental Plans.

Fixed dentures are held in place by four to six dental implants. They seem more natural, too.

Making and fitting dentures take expertise, and many times when the cheaper, backdoor dentures are procured, the wearer can experience one of all of the following symptoms, problems or injuries:

  • Badly fitted dentures can affect the way a person speaks, causing an obstruction in the mouth and restricting the tongue and jaw.
  • They can be uncomfortable or even painful to wear
  • They can make awkward clicking or snapping noises while chewing, as the dentures could loosen and tighten with the chewing motion. This could also encourage bad eating habits, with the wearer being conscious of the distraction caused by the loud noise. This can also cause embarrassment if the top dentures keep falling down, especially in public.

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